ECCN European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging - Brussels Belgium 2018

9th European Conference On Clinical Neuroimaging

March 2-3, 2020
Paris, France

9th European Conference On Clinical Neuroimaging

We look forward to seeing you in Paris !

Marie-Odile Habert and Franck Semah
Chairpersons of the Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee

Javier Arbizu (Pamplona, Spain)
Henryk Barthel (Leipzig, Germany)
Ronald Boellaard (Groningen, Netherlands)
Alexander Drzezga (Koln, Germany)
Ozgul Ekmekcioglu (Istanbul, Turkey)
Valentina Garibotto (Geneva, Switzerland)
​​Elsmarieke van de Giessen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
​Serge Goldman (Brussels, Belgium) *
Swen Hesse (Leipzig, Germany)
Marie-Odile Habert (Paris, France)
Aurélie Kas (Paris, France)
Koen van Laere (Leuven, Belgium)
Adriaan Lammertsma (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
​Ian Law (Copenhagen, Denmark) **
Florence Le Jeune (Rennes, France)
Silvia Morbelli (Genoa, Italy)
Marco Pagani (Roma, Italy)***
Sabina Pappatà (Napoli, Italy)
Iván Peñuelas (Pamplona, Spain)
Franck Semah (Lille, France)*
Andrea Varrone (Stockholm, Sweden)
* Chair
** Chair of the Neuroimaging committee of the EANM
​***EARL - Research for Life - of EANM Steering Board Section Chair