ECCN European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging - ROMA Italy 2017

ECCN 2017

IN ROME 2017

We will see you in Brussels in March 2018 for the 7th edition of ECCN!

Marco Pagani and Franck Semah 

Chairpersons of the Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

Javier Arbizu (Pamplona, Spain)*
Alexander Drzezga (Koln, Germany)*
Swen Hesse (Leipzig, Germany)***,*
Silvia Morbelli (Genova, Italy)*
Flavio Nobili (Genova, Italy)
Marco Pagani (Roma, Italy)**,*
Sabina Pappatà (Napoli, Italy)*
Orazio Schillaci (Roma, Italy)
Franck Semah (Lille, France)**
* EANM representative
** Chair
*** Chair of the 2017 Neuroimaging EANM committee

Local Scientific Committee

Prof Orazio Schillaci
Prof Alberto Signore
Dr Gabriela Capriotti
Dr Agostino Chiaravalloti
Dr Marco Pagani