ECCN European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging - Brussels Belgium 2018

Save the date : Brussels, Belgium March, 26-27, 2018


Session 1 : Tau and amyloid PET imaging: when & why?
*  Building evidence for the clinical usefulness of amyloid PET : multicenter trials. Valentina Garibotto (Geneva, Switzerland)
*   The roadmap for the use of imaging biomarkers in Alzheimer Disease. Marina Boccardi (Geneva, Switzerland)
* The use of PET imaging in AD for the clinician. Sebastian Engelborghs (Antwerp, Belgium)

Session 2 : Parkinson Disease and other movement disorders
*  Multimodal Neuroimaging in Atypical Parkinsonism. Thilo van Eimeren (Cologne, Germany)
*  Development of F18-FE-PE2I : a DAT imaging tool for research and clinical applications. Andrea Varrone (Stockholm, Sweden)

Session 3 : Methodology
*   Quantification and clinical PET: friends or foes? Adriaan Lammertsma (Amsterdam, The Nederlands)
*   FDG-single-subject Optimized SPM procedure in clinical setting. Daniela Perani (Milano, Italy)
*   PVE correction for amyloid imaging. Michel Grothe (Rostock, Germany)

Session 4 : Novel brain PET ligands
*   Novel/non-TSPO neuroinflammation radioligands. Koen van Laere (Leuven, Belgium)
*   Synaptic density tracers. Eric Salmon (Liège, Belgium)
*   Development of new tracers for drug development. Mark Schmidt (Antwerp, Belgium)

Session 5 : Functional connectivity using fMRI, PET and MEG for neurodegenerative diseases
*   Functional brain connectivity: theory and investigation using fMRI. Dante Mantini (Leuven, Belgium)
*   Electrophysiological bases of functional brain connectivity.  Matthew Brookes (Nottingham, UK)
*   Functional brain connectivity alterations along the spectrum of Alzheimer Disease. Willem de Haan (Amsterdam, The Nederlands)

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