10th European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging March 2022 Geneva, Switzerland


MONDAY // MARCH 14, 2022

Session 1 : PET technological development and the brain : large and small
Technological developments in PET design : whole body and dedicated systems
- Ronald Boellaard (The Netherlands)
Total body PET/CT for the brain: what makes sense? - Ian Law (Denmark)
Is there a future for the new brain dedicated PET systems? - Henryk Barthel (Germany)

Session 2 : Biomarkers in Alzheimer
Elaborating a diagnostic algorithm : an intersocietal consensus –
Valentina Garibotto (Switzerland)
The added value of quantification for amyloid PET imaging - Andrea Chincarini (Italy)
Plasma screening: a game changer for diagnostic algorithms  -  Kaj Blennow (Sweden)

TUESDAY // MARCH 15, 2022

Session 3 : PET beyond Alzheimer
Long covid : PET demonstrated the brain dysfunctions -
 Eric Guedj (France)
COVID and neuroinflammation : the PET studies  - Bart van Berckel (The Netherlands)
PET in Dementia with Lewy Bodies : new insights - Daniel Ferreira (Sweden)

Session 4 : Theranostic and the brain
What potential theranostics do we have and how should we be prepared to treat brain tumour patients
- Tatjana Traub-Weidinger (Austria)
Blood brain barrier and medication delivery: how PET could evaluate the effects the different therapeutic strategies? - Elsmarieke van de Giessen (The Netherlands)
PSMA theranostic for brain tumors: there is a world beyond the prostate Jolanta Kunikowska (Poland)

Download the preliminary program below:

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